Permeable Pavers

Permeable interlocking concrete pavement is designed to be as porous as possible, allowing water to adequately flow into an aggregate base, preventing flooding.

Commercial Solutions

We are proud of the reputation we’ve built as one of the leading commercial paving companies operating anywhere in the Carolinas or the surrounding areas today.

Municipal Solutions

Creating an innovative sustainable and ecologically friendly environment through low impact development, reducing major problems such as flooding and erosion.

Residential Solutions

Breathe new life into an outdoor area of your home using pavers, brick, stone, granite or permeables. We’ll guide you through creating the space of your dreams.

Permeable Solutions

Control storm water before, during and after extreme weather events as well as improve overall water quality thanks to the imbedded filtering system with Permeable Solutions.

Value Engineering

During projects, we provide better, more organized processes and procedures in an effort to better eliminate unnecessary costs that are discovered within the industry.


Explore our paver products for concrete pavers, retaining walls, permeable pavers, sealers, joint stabilizers & accessories, clay pavers, natural stone pavers, slab & roof systems & porcelain tiles.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering by Unit Paving

Keeping Costs Down and Quality High

As an ICPI Certified Installer and Green Advantage Environmental hardscape installer, the hardworking team at Unit Paving have been providing their unique blend of services to residential, commercial and municipal customers all across the Carolinas for many years. However, we believe that the true quality that separates us from so many others in the area has less to do with the services that we offer and is more about the benefits that only we can provide. Relying on the time-honored principles of Value Engineering in the construction industry is just one example of the many ways that we’re committed to precisely that.

Why Value Engineering Matters

At its core, Value Engineering is a way to better organize all of the processes and procedures associated with a particular project in an effort to better eliminate any unnecessary costs that are discovered within. In the industry, “unnecessary costs” are described as any elements or materials that do not provide “quality, use, life, appearance or customer features” to the project at hand.

It’s a concept that began life at General Electric all the way back during World War II thanks to a shortage of skilled labor, raw materials and component parts. But at Unit Paving, it’s one that we rely heavily on each day to generate superior results for all of our clients in the most cost effective and competitive ways that we can.

In essence, Value Engineering means that every decision we make is designed to either improve the function of a particular material, service or environment, reduce the cost or – in the best case scenario – both at the exact same time. It’s how we can prove our worth and provide much-needed assistance at every stage of the process, from architectural concept to material implementation and absolutely everything in between. But above all else, it’s how we provide you with the results that you need and the services that fall within your budget.

In the end, relying on Value Engineering has gone a long way towards allowing us to cement our reputation for quality, workmanship and materials, along with our singular dedication to the type of prompt, dependable services that people can depend on. While it’s true that we use many different products from many different manufacturers in an effort to offer the widest selection of services to our customers, regardless of whether we’re working on a backyard fire pit or in a large municipal environment, these core principles are totally unwavering

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