Growing Trends in Streetscape Design

As America’s third century — and with it, the 21st Century — gets well underway, our urban fabric is evolving in ways urban developers and theorists like Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs could scarcely have imagined. In the process, we’re reimagining the very meaning of the city — its design, its purpose, and all that […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Hardscape Design

Sustainability has been a business buzzword for a decade or longer. However, sustainable growth is increasingly a concern for burgeoning municipalities, and even homeowners in the Carolinas are increasingly looking at how they can do their part. Urban growth taxes resources, often in unexpected ways. Sustainable hardscape design can help lighten the load borne by […]

Choosing the Right Natural Material for Your Hardscape Design

Planning a hardscape project is as challenging as it is exciting. One of the most frequently-asked questions heard by Unit Paving Inc is which type of hardscape material is best. In truth, there is no single answer, much less an easy one. However, we can help you think through your project in a way that […]