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At Unit Paving, we are the largest permeable paver installer in the Carolina’s. We have installed over 1 million square feet of permeable pavers in recent years. We want to offer our expertise to consulting the design and installation of your next project.


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Permeable Pavement Solutions

What You Need to Know

Impervious units are designed using small openings that create sophisticated, permeable joints (hence the name). In fact, between 5% and 15% of the surface area are filled with these small aggregates. These joints allow storm water to enter the crushed stone aggregate bedding later and base, which itself both supports the pavers and provides water storage and filtration properties that can’t be beat.

In terms of permeable solutions design, the goal of most applications involves not only controlling storm water before, during and after extreme weather events, but also improving overall water quality thanks to the imbedded filtering system of substrata layers present in the pavers to begin with. This, coupled with both the superior aesthetic appeal and the improved user experience, along with the opportunity to boost the environmental “brand” of new developments, make permeable pavers a clear winner in nearly any type of development or situation that you can think of.

why permeable paving?


Permeable interlocking concrete pavement, also commonly referred to as PICP, is designed to be as porous as possible – allowing storm water to adequately flow into an aggregate base, often creating no puddling or runoff of any kind. While it’s true that this is often associated with a higher cost for both the materials and installation when compared to alternative methods, only Unit Paving offers the unique type of mechanical installation process necessary for reducing costs and shortening project times in one fell swoop.


Specialized paver installation machines that not only help increase the quality of the work performed and decrease overall construction times, but also can be used to install pavers in a plethora of designs.


Unit Paving specializes in the installation of permeable parking lots, roadways and streets utilizing mechanical installation.Permeable paving is utilized in a wide range of areas e.g. urban area infill projects to increase the maximum use of buildable area. This solution is used to reduce the impact on surrounding storm water management systems.

mission critical goals

The key to not only better accommodating pedestrians as they move about congested (and naturally dangerous) environments, but also in terms of assisting with mission-critical goals like: controlling storm water runoff and parking/traffic control and enforcement.

variety of use cases

Permeable paving has already been used in a wide range of different areas like urban environments that are dealing with a massive lack of space, not to mention wholly inadequate storm water management systems, and the difference that they’ve made already speaks for themselves.

Value Engineering

What You Need to Know

Value Engineering means that every decision we make is designed to either improve or reduce the cost. It’s how we can prove our worth and provide much-needed assistance at every stage of the process, from preliminary engineering to material implementation using mechanical installation. But above all else, it’s how we provide you with the results that you need and the services that fall within your budget.

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