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Over the years we’ve been honored to lend our unique blend of expertise and insight to a wide range of commercial projects that you’re probably familiar with, including but not limited to ones like:


Bank of American stadium is the home of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Unit paving was awarded the 145,000 square foot hardscape project with a 1.5 million dollar contract. Due to schedule delays from previous contractors, Unit Paving was extremely limited in scheduling time to get the entire scope of work completed before the Panthers 2015 season was to begin. Unit paving handled the pressure and long work days with ease.

No other contractor in the Southeast would have been able to complete the square footage in the amount of time that Unit Paving accomplished. During game time, as the NFL Panther fans enter the stadium, they will be able to admire Unit Paving renowned hardscape workmanship.


The Bowl at Ballantyne is a redevelopment project by commercial real estate firm Northwood Development. This project turned a south Charlotte corporate office park and golf course into a family-friendly campus with retail shops, restaurants, bars, and an entertainment district. The unique hardscape framework now provides access to a wide array of retail shops and dining, as well as beautiful parks and open space.


First Ward Park is a beautiful four acre park between South End and the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. Unit Paving was awarded the complete hardscape package with a 3.2 million dollar contract, which included 1,350 square feet of large granite fountain block, 40,000 square feet of concrete pavers, 47,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks and the water fountain erection.

Unit paving completed this project on schedule with within budget, and is experience in projects with large scopes of work with all- encompassing amenities packages.

Featured Past Clients:

But above all else, we treat every project as the unique situation that it actually is. Truly, there is no “one size fits all” approach to what we’re doing and assuming anything less would only be doing contractors and engineers like yourself a major disservice. No two retail spaces are created equally and the same is true for other environments that we work in like offices, apartments, shopping centers and more.

Only by getting to know our clients on an individual basis and working with them to better determine their needs, their goals and their expectations, do we put ourselves in the best possible position to bring your vision into reality in the most incredible detail possible.

At the end of the day, Unit Paving is #1 for a very good reason. From outlining your initial architectural concept to superior material installation to providing advanced technical advice early and often, we’re prepared to deliver you value and prove our worth at every stage of the process – all while providing the engineering budget numbers to meet the specific needs of YOUR project and nobody else’s.

Municipal Solutions

Building a better, more sustainable world

We have truly entered into an age where environmental stress is increasingly being placed on our cities with each passing day. In an effort to accomplish essential goals like create more sustainable and ecologically friendly environments through low impact development, reduce urban heat and reduce major problems like flooding, erosion and the contamination of drinking water, contractors and engineers are searching for newer and innovative ways to meet their needs while still preserving our most precious of resources at the same time.

Environmental Stress

We’ve committed ourselves to offering municipal solutions that accomplish all of this and more all across the Carolinas and the surrounding areas. For years, we’ve worked hard to reduce environmental stress in areas like city streetscapes, parks and so many others through groundbreaking technology and superior materials that people all over the area have come to depend on.

ICPI Certified Installer

As a Green Advantage Environmental hardscape installer, we’re proud to offer the types of design and installation services that contractors and engineers need when they need them the most. Whether you’re working with brick, cobblestone, bluestone, concrete or something else entirely – we’ve got the tools, the talent and the passion necessary to guarantee that the final product is beyond your wildest dreams.


Our municipal solutions, much like our residential and commercial offerings, are built on a reputation based on quality, workmanship and materials. In addition, we are singularly dedicated to the type of prompt, dependable service to not only get the job done, but to make sure it gets done in the best and most cost effective way possible.


Our municipal solutions are created using many different products and manufacturers, all in an effort to help provide all of our clients with the best selection of materials, colors and textures available whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

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