Common Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Paving Company

Paving projects, whether they’re residential or commercial, aren’t as simple as Unit Paving Inc makes them look. We take as much care in the planning that precedes a project, and the cleanup that follows, as we do with the many concerns that take place as the project unfolds. If you’re wondering how to choose the right North Carolina paving contractor, there are questions you can ask to verify their claims, the quality of their work, and your expectations for the process.

What Can You Tell Me About Your Company?

This question encompasses a number of other questions — how long a company has been in business, their licensure and insurance, the types of clients they’ve served, the types of projects they’ve undertaken, and the challenges they’ve faced and overcome on the job site, to name just a few. A reputable paving company will tell you all of this and more, usually without much prompting; after all, they should take pride in their paving projects.

What Do Your Clients Say About Your Work?

References matter, and should be appropriate to the type of project being undertaken. If you’re a homeowner, it doesn’t matter how many country clubs or stadiums for which we’ve done work. If, on the other hand, you’re a municipality, you’ll want to know that the same care and attention we’ve lavished on our smaller projects can scale to the needs of your town or city (the answer, incidentally, is yes — and we’ll show you the proof).

What Does Our Project Involve?

Each project brings with it unique opportunities and challenges. You know the opportunities, but there’s a degree to which you’re looking to your paving contractor to identify and address the potential problems that could arise. The more time and thought that goes into planning, permitting, and project management early on, the less potential for unwanted surprises and overruns later.

Who is Our Point of Contact?

Communication is vital regardless of the scale of the project, or how well it’s been planned. Our work can uncover issues ranging from topographic challenges to minor annoyances like tree roots, unexpected soil erosion, or problems with the structures around which we’re working. We’ll want to know who to take these issues up with, and you’ll want to know that there’s someone on standby to address your questions, concerns, or potential changes as the project unfolds.

Are Permeable Pavers Viable for My Project?

This is a common concern for homeowners, business owners, and our municipal clients alike. Our paver installations and hardscape designs have proven adaptable to a very wide array of uses, but we assume nothing. We will consider your needs, concerns, logistical and technical issues, and a range of other factors to make sure that we’re suggesting the correct solution to your paving problems.

What Will This Cost?

We understand. You want your project to stay on time and on, or under, budget. We share the same goal. To that end, we will provide you with a comprehensive written estimate based on the scope of your project, as well as asking questions of our own to ensure that the process is a smooth one; we want to exceed your expectations rather than simply meeting them.

Done right, a commercial paving project is complex. Find the right North Carolina paving contractor, however, and that complexity falls on the contractors’ shoulders instead of yours. If you have questions or concerns about a paving project, we invite you to consult with Unit Paving Inc today!