Permeable Pavers

Permeable interlocking concrete pavement is designed to be as porous as possible, allowing water to adequately flow into an aggregate base, preventing flooding.

Commercial Solutions

We are proud of the reputation we’ve built as one of the leading commercial paving companies operating anywhere in the Carolinas or the surrounding areas today.

Municipal Solutions

Creating an innovative sustainable and ecologically friendly environment through low impact development, reducing major problems such as flooding and erosion.

Residential Solutions

Breathe new life into an outdoor area of your home using pavers, brick, stone, granite or permeables. We’ll guide you through creating the space of your dreams.

Permeable Solutions

Control storm water before, during and after extreme weather events as well as improve overall water quality thanks to the imbedded filtering system with Permeable Solutions.

Value Engineering

During projects, we provide better, more organized processes and procedures in an effort to better eliminate unnecessary costs that are discovered within the industry.


Explore our paver products for concrete pavers, retaining walls, permeable pavers, sealers, joint stabilizers & accessories, clay pavers, natural stone pavers, slab & roof systems & porcelain tiles.

Municipal Solutions

sustainable & ecologically friendly environments through low impact development

Building a Better, More Sustainable World

We have truly entered into an age where environmental stress is increasingly being placed on our cities with each passing day. In an effort to accomplish essential goals like create more sustainable and ecologically friendly environments through low impact development, reduce urban heat and reduce major problems like flooding, erosion and the contamination of drinking water, contractors and engineers are searching for newer and innovative ways to meet their needs while still preserving our most precious of resources at the same time.

This is why, at Unit Paving, we’ve committed ourselves to offering municipal solutions that accomplish all of this and more all across the Carolinas and the surrounding areas. For years, we’ve worked hard to reduce environmental stress in areas like city streetscapes, parks and so many others through groundbreaking technology and superior materials that people all over the area have come to depend on.

We specialize in both the design and the installation of permeable pavers, for example, which itself is one of the major keys to not only helping to accommodate pedestrians as they move through congested areas, but also in terms of things like:

  • Reducing urban heat islands to allow for a better use of tree canopies.
  • Reducing flooding, erosion and other problems that are typically associated with extreme weather events.
  • Outright eliminating the need for detention ponds and drain systems.
  • And much more

As both an ICPI Certified Installer and a Green Advantage Environmental hardscape installer, we’re proud to offer the types of design and installation services that contractors and engineers need when they need them the most. Whether you’re working with brick, cobblestone, bluestone, concrete or something else entirely – we’ve got the tools, the talent and the passion necessary to guarantee that the final product is beyond your wildest dreams.

Our municipal solutions, much like our residential and commercial offerings, are built on a reputation based on quality, workmanship and materials. In addition, we are singularly dedicated to the type of prompt, dependable service to not only get the job done, but to make sure it gets done in the best and most cost effective way possible. Our municipal solutions are created using many different products and manufacturers, all in an effort to help provide all of our clients with the best selection of materials, colors and textures available whenever we have the opportunity to do so.



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