5 Ways Permeable Pavers Can Reduce Parking Lot Construction Costs

Whether you’re a business owner, developer, or city manager planning for a town or city, odds are better than even that you are not working with a limitless budget. When you’re faced with a major project like planning and installing a new parking lot, how can you control costs without cutting corners and compromising quality? […]

Planning for a Municipal Paving Project

Running a city is challenging enough on its own. You’re trying to strike a delicate balance between keeping property taxes under control, preserving infrastructure, conserving green spaces, maintaining quality of life, and keeping your constituents happy. When the time comes for even a minor municipal paving project, it seems like that delicate balance can easily […]

Comparing Common Commercial Paving Methods

By definition, commercial paving projects are a delicate balancing act. Cash-strapped municipalities and businesses operating on thin margins need to find materials that can withstand unpredictable weather, high traffic volume, and heavy loads. The finished product, whether it’s a parking lot, a road, or just a driveway, needs to perform and last with minimal maintenance. […]

5 Tips for Designing Greener Municipal Spaces

Urban planning is not an abstraction. Even though the “right” way to do urban planning has long been a contentious subject, recent years have seen a renaissance in urban planning — and urban renewal — driven by the desire to “green” the built environment. These efforts don’t simply make for a prettier downtown, or draw […]